laser sterilization in adampur

Why We Choose Laser Sterilization of Dental Instruments

Currently sterilization techniques in dentistry are not completely effective at killing harmful microorganisms on reusable dental equipment. In fact, there is a 20-60% chance that the dental drill that your dentist is using on you is infested with harmful viruses and bacteria after it has been sterilized. At Lalli Dental Clinic we avoids the potential for bacterial and viral transmission, we prefer laser sterilization because the laser tips do not directly contact the tooth during dental procedures and the energy emitted from the laser kills pathogens on the spot, providing a truly sterile environment. We use the laser tips which are disposable after a single-use, completely eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination. Protect yourself from viral and bacterial infections.

13% of "sterilized" burs and up to 78% of "sterilized" endodontic files carry pathogenic micro-organisms. The rough surface of dental burs is difficult to clean, so autoclaving often fails to completely decontaminate burs before they are used on the next patient -- maybe YOU!. Blood-borne viruses have the ability to live on objects and surfaces for as long as a week. The next surface germs are spread to may be inside your mouth. Here at Lalli Dental Clinic we use a revolutionary technology that replaces drills,needles & anesthetic, and scalpels for many common dental, periodontal and endodontic procedures, may reduce your risk of cross-contamination.