Root Canal Treatment


Single Sitting Root Canal

A canal runs through the roots of each tooth, leading to a pulp chamber. These canals can become infected by microbial that eat away at your teeth. When this happens, the root canal treatment is used to clear out the infection with tiny files that scrape the infected tissue away. At Lalli Dental Clinic we understand that our patients lead a very busy life and want to be in and out of the clinic as fast as possible hence practice pain free laser dentistry. With the advance in dental technologies we are proud to state that we are able to offer to our patients Single Sitting Root Canal treatment which is not only fast but also less expensive because it requires less sittings.

Goal of Single sitting root canal treatment

As an alternative to an extraction, the goals of root canal treatment are to save the tooth and allow it to be retained in the mouth for many years in a state of health, function, and comfort. Root canal treatment is directed towards removing diseased tissue from the inside of the tooth and subsequently filling and sealing the root canal space in order to minimize the possibility of future re-infection.

Symptoms requiring an Root Canal Treatment

- Severe tooth pain, typically relieved by cold water and increases with the intake of hot liquids.
- Pain worsens when you lie down and reduces when you sit up.
- Pain stays for a long time after consuming cold things.
- Swelling around the tooth.
- Constant tooth pain.
- Pain when chewing.
- Tooth pain referred to head and ears as well.
- Tooth sensitivity on consuming sweets.